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A Little About Us

We are a team of diverse and talented people from all over the world, who have come together to share our skills and abilities. It is our ultimate goal to provide quality, efficient, and highly competitive websites to our clients. Our team of experts is based in New Orleans and Canada.

To deliver our best despite the distance, we make sure that communication is well alive within our ranks. This way, we are able to work hand in hand without difficulties and maximize each other’s strengths and capabilities. We believe that in handling fundamental tasks, communication is vital in satisfying clients who hail from different parts of the globe.

The beauty of websites are appreciated in many different ways—from the viewpoint of visitors, designers, and other website owners. However, we believe that by delivering fully functional and responsive websites with designs that are based on our customers’ requests, the satisfaction is amplified and extended to its full extent.

web design company new orleans


Everyone in the team is specialized in one of our offered services such as web design layouting, UI designing, working with WordPress, HTML5 and CSS, using plugins and short codes, e-commerce, and search engine optimization, with numerous experiences in working with different people of different tastes. By simply communicating with us what you want, we will ensure that you get more worth of every dollar that you spend.

web design company new orleans


We believe in the importance of our customers’ contentment, which is why we are open to suggestions, comments, and feedback, and all forms of remarks which we use to improve our website and our company’s services. Your thoughts are essential in keeping our services purely customer-oriented, and it is through the web that we deliver the best web designs, strategies, features, and techniques for your personal, social, or commercial purposes.

Why Choose Us

web design company new orleans


Nolawebsitesnow team is extremely proficient at using the latest Internet technology and graphic design principals. Our team members have embraced the concept that Nolawebsitesnow is a success only if our customers are completely satisfied with their web development experience.

web design company new orleans


Our product is a tool that will maximize the potential of your business. Whether we develop an informational site or a highly complex database and E-Commerce site, Net-Craft.com will provide the best representation of your business through high quality designs and technical features.

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Nolawebsitesnow provides a high quality product that is affordable to your business. With the ever increasing amount of consumers accessing your “virtual storefront” your business can not afford to turn customers away before they enter the door. A well designed website will reward your business exponentially.

What Our Clients Say

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